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Vulnerability Assessment

Discover all the security issues in your business and ensure the highest security hardening by our Cybersecurity experts with no false positives or fake vulnerabilities that are usually listed by all the automated scanning programs, our experts will wholly ensure that all the discovered vulnerabilities are real and correctly categorized and assist you to fix all the issues with XEye detailed report of the finding and mitigations.

Why XEye VA?


Modern Scanning

Testing your business assets for all the common and non-common vulnerabilities, hackers tend to find the non-common or known vulnerabilities that the businesses are most likely to have, our experts will perform the complete scanning to find all the vulnerabilities before bad techies do


False Positive Prevention

Our experts know exactly how to spot false positives to increase the accuracy of threat and vulnerability detection, XEye experts use advanced techniques and develop unique scripts to detect false positives and achieve the highest accuracy.


Automatic and Manual Scanning

Automated scanning cannot find all the vulnerabilities, the manual scanning will find the non-detectable vulnerabilities by the automated frameworks and scripts, Our experts do manual scanning without performing any kind of exploitation.

Our Experts are always ready to fulfill all of your business needs and accomplish the hard work with the best quality and results.

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