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Source Code Review

Secure code review is the process that examines an application’s source code, the goal is to identify any existing security flaws or vulnerabilities. Our Source Code Reviewers perform a manual and automated review to validate and find all of the security flaws within the applications' source code.

Computer Programming

XEye Source Code Methodology


Security Bugs Checking

XEye Experts look for patterns of known and unknown vulnerabilities using automated and manual review


User Input Validation

XEye Security Source Code Reviewers review the application's source code by following all the user-controlled inputs and finding all the routes or URIs that are available to access the application


Source Code Reading

XEye experts read the source code of the application to find what controls are missing in the code and if any security controls are not in place

Our Experts are always ready to fulfill all of your business needs and accomplish the hard work with the best quality and results.

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